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Quit Smoking for Good, Without Pain and Effort

Hit the play button. Change your relationship with smoking. Enjoy your smoke-free life.

Removes cravings

Removes Cravings and Anxiety

Our evidence-based method gently removes your desire to smoke, taking away cravings and anxiety along with it.


An Effortless Experience

Simply hit the play button on your preferred device and listen to a therapy session for a few minutes a day.


More Bang for the Buck

Quitting smoking with Quit Guru costs less than a week’s worth of cigarettes, and you only need to pay once.


Works for 9 out of 10 Smokers

As part of Quit Guru’s 2020 survey, 93% of respondents said they have successfully quit smoking.

You Don’t Start By Quitting

When you quit smoking unprepared, you feel like having to make a sacrifice, which plants the seed of failure. That’s why we won’t ask you to stop smoking right away. Not until you understand the real reasons why you smoke and then build up lasting motivations to quit for good.


We help you understand why you started smoking and continue doing so


We help you find your own solid motivations for quitting


We help you change your relationship with smoking so you can quit confidently


We help you take back control so you can begin your smoke-free life

Why It Works

Quit Guru dissolves your reasons for smoking one by one until your desire for tobacco vanishes

When you got hooked on smoking, you convinced yourself smoking was a way to cope with boredom, stress, anger, and nervousness.
We combine powerful quit smoking methods with cognitive behavioral therapy to gently remove that false conviction.
When it’s time for you to finally quit, it will feel like an easy choice to make. You’ll be prepared to succeed for good because you’ll no longer think you’re “giving up” something of value.
Quit Guru mobile app interface

Quit Without Effort

The program consists of 30 audio sessions that you consecutively listen to each day.
Each session of the program only takes up to 10 minutes of your day.
You could listen to the program while commuting, jogging, or while just lying in bed at the end of your day.

We won’t tell you to stop smoking at any point during the program. Instead, you will make this decision as you progress—for good and through your own free will.

See What Others Are Saying

Get inspired by these amazing stories and get ready to start your own

January 2021

“The desire to smoke just vanished”

— Laura Graham Wannen

Verified participant Verified participant
My husband first drew my attention to this program, and I was so dubious that it took me half a year before I actually sat down to look at it. Not only did I quit smoking—I have been happy ever since! I don’t miss cigarettes. In fact, I have a fear of ever starting up again. I am around smokers quite a bit, and that doesn’t bother me. I have no urge to smoke at all. I cannot communicate effectively enough to anyone who wants to quit smoking how easy it is. You won’t believe me until you do. All you have to do is start the program with an open mind, and you will do it easily.

December 2020

“My family and friends love the smoke-free me”

— Jake Wiggins

Verified participant Verified participant
I am 43 years old, had been smoking a pack a day for 23 years. The day I completed the program was the last cigarette I had and it’s been a year and a half now since. I’ve recommended this program to 3 friends who all quit with ease due to it, and my mother who had been smoking for 40 years and tried everything to quit—it worked for her too. I continue to recommend this program to everyone who asks for help. The feeling of freedom from that horrible addiction has been liberating, not only for myself but also for people around me.

December 2020

“It’s been a while since I was so proud of myself”

— Dan Reinsdorf

Verified participant Verified participant
I smoked more than a pack a day for 30 years, and the longest attempt to quit before enrolling in the program was about 3 days. I honestly thought I would be trapped by cigarettes for the rest of my life. I truly believed they were my safety net when I’m stressed, socializing, partying, or just plain bored. I didn’t think I could do it, but the Quit Guru program made it easy to quit. It’s been 7 months now, and I don’t even think about it anymore. Quit Guru changed my life.

Quit Guru Works With All Your Devices

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