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Most quit smoking programs feel like slow torture.

They all assume you have made a firm decision to quit smoking. Thus, you’re told to choose a quit day, and when that day comes, stop smoking then and there.

And so, you set the date and quit smoking with motivation at an all time high. You count days without smoking and do your best to replace the old habit with something new and healthy.

But then life challenges come to you, and your determination starts to wane. Your mind fills with increasingly negative thoughts, anxiety, and cravings until you can’t take it anymore and break.

After trying and failing, you end up blaming yourself and feeling like you’re beyond help.

But it’s not your fault.

The thing is, no one told you willpower alone doesn’t work when you attempt to quit smoking unprepared.

That’s why we don’t ask you to quit right away.

Most quit programs start by making you quit right there and then. They don’t help you find your own honest “why” for doing it.

No wonder so few people succeed.

With Quit Guru, you don’t have to stop smoking right off the bat. Not until you discover your actual reasons for smoking and then build up solid motivations for quitting.

When it’s time for you to finally quit, it feels like an easy choice to make. You are prepared to succeed for good because you no longer think you’re “giving up” something of value.

It’s an approach that works even for those who say they aren’t ready to quit smoking.

The Program

The program consists of 30 pre-narrated audio tracks that you consecutively listen to each day for no longer than 10 minutes. The program works with all Macs, PCs, Apple and Android phones and tablets.

Step 1

Discover the real reasons for smoking

As a Quit Guru participant, you get a deep understanding of why you took up smoking and why you keep on doing it.

Step 2

Find a genuine motivation for quitting

Quitting smoking is something you have to do on your own terms. We help you find your genuine motivation instead of relying on the reasons forced upon you by others.

Step 3

Build the confidence to quit

We provide you with actionable guidance to take the last step knowing what it will take to succeed.

Step 4

Quit with determination—for good

Even before you reach the final step, your desire to smoke will already have started to vanish. At the end of the program, you will have a wholly transformed relationship with smoking, which is the only path towards long-term success.

Curious? Give it a shot

Discover why Quit Guru is the leading quit smoking program with a whopping 93% success rate