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Program details

We lose long hours by commuting, following daily routines, or simply staring at our phones. What if we could use just a fraction of this time to transform our lives for the better?

We’ve made it our mission to harness the potential of breakthrough technology and evidence-based therapy to help people who struggle with addictions.

What is the Quit Guru program?

Quit Guru is a 30-day audio-based quit smoking program that uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to gradually remove your desire to smoke.

The Quit Guru program uses CBT, mobile technology, and proprietary algorithmic solutions to make quitting smoking painless and effortless.

How is the Quit Guru program different?

With other quit programs you’re never told that willpower alone isn’t enough.

Yet, the willpower method doesn’t work because you try to quit unprepared. And when you quit unprepared, you feel like making a sacrifice, which plants the seed of failure.

Most quit smoking programs begin by having you quit right off the bat. They don’t help you find your own honest “why” for stopping smoking.

With Quit Guru, you don’t have to stop smoking right away. Not until you discover your actual reasons for quitting, gradually lose your mental attachment to smoking, and then build up confidence to quit for good.

How long does the program take?

It takes 30 days to complete the Quit Guru quit smoking program.

What am I committing to if I decide to enroll?

Taking part in the program is fun and doesn’t involve tedious tasks that feel like filling tax forms. Each part of the program only takes up to 10 minutes a day, and the content is delivered in audio format.

However, after you enroll in the program, you are expected to take your commitment seriously and avoid skipping program sessions.

What exactly does the program involve?

The program involves your daily listening to pre-recorded audio sessions, which in their essence are counselor-guided cognitive behavioral therapy sessions. The daily Quit Guru program audio sessions require program participants to:

  • indicate changes in their moods and cravings
  • attentively follow the program’s instructions
  • when asked to, take time to reflect on their situation honestly
What kind of topics are covered by the program?

The Quit Guru program provides pre-recorded online cognitive behavioral therapy sessions on a specific set of quit smoking topics that help you:

  • Understand how you got yourself into the nicotine pitfall
  • Learn why you keep on smoking
  • Deal with your physical nicotine addiction
  • Deal with your psychological dependence on smoking
  • Acknowledge your addictive behaviors
  • Break your unique smoking rituals
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Project your life after quitting
  • Find your own lasting motivations for quitting
  • Remove the fear of “giving up” smoking
  • Avoid failure and future relapses
  • Quit smoking for good
What happens if I skip program sessions?

Taking part in the Quit Guru program is fun, doesn’t require any effort, and only takes up to 10 minutes a day.

Our only requirement for our program participants (apart from being honest and open-minded regarding the program sessions) is to take part in the program daily.

We highly discourage skipping program sessions for one reason only — the more skipped sessions of the program, the lower the chances of your success.

How do I know the program will work for me?

The program helps you understand the real reasons why you smoke and provides you with the necessary tools and motivations to take the last step. Quitting at this phase becomes very easy because you no longer think you’re losing anything of value.

It’s an approach that works even for those who say they aren’t ready to quit smoking.

On top of that, Quit Guru has conducted a 6-month longitudinal survey of over 60 individuals who smoked. During the study, 93% of participants who completed the program claimed that the guidance provided by Quit Guru was instrumental in helping them to quit smoking.

Does the program help with quitting vaping and other forms of tobacco use?

Yes, the Quit Guru program is effective irrespective of the way you use tobacco products. So, regardless if you smoke, chew, or snuff products that contain nicotine, Quit Guru can help you quit.

Does the program involve the use of medicine or nicotine replacement products?

No. The Quit Guru program doesn’t involve the use of medicine, nicotine replacements, or expensive gadgets you might have seen while researching other quit smoking methods.

What happens after the program ends?

If you honestly follow the program’s instructions and make sure to take part in the program sessions each day, quitting becomes a piece of cake by the end of the program.

We also issue a certificate of completion of the Quit Guru program, which will remind you of your courage and determination to transform your life for the better.

What happens if I am dissatisfied with the results?

The success rate for our program is staggeringly high at over 90%. However, if you decide the program didn’t work for you after completing it in full, contact our refund team and receive the entire amount you have paid for the program.

Technical details

We’re using mobile technology and proprietary algorithmic solutions to make the most effective ways of quitting available to everyone.

Because it’s based on short daily audio sessions, our program feels like a game instead of a struggle.

What kind of device do I need to take part in the program?

Choose whatever you prefer — the Quit Guru program works with all modern PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

You can access the program by signing into our web platform’s member area or downloading the Quit Guru app to your iOS or Android device.

Can I access the program whenever I want to?

Unlike a quit smoking counselor, the Quit Guru program is accessible 24/7 from any place on Earth as long as you are connected to the internet.

What happens with my data?

We only collect data that is necessary to provide you with our quit smoking guidance. To ensure your information remains private no matter what, we securely store it in databases with military-grade encryption standards. We never share your information with third parties, nor do we share it with other individual users. Our data protection procedures ensure that even our employees can only access depersonalized information that can’t be attributed to any specific person.

For more detailed information on how we handle our customer data, please click this link:

Payment details

Enrolling in the Quit Guru program costs less than a week’s worth of cigarettes, and you pay only once.

Do you offer a free trial?

While having a free trial version of the Quit Guru program is in our plans, at the moment, we only offer a paid program plan.

Do you charge a subscription fee?

No, you only get to pay once to take part in the Quit Guru program.

How does your money-back guarantee work?

If you are still smoking within 30 days from the date of your first program day and decide not to quit, you are entitled to a full refund.

The reason we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee is so that people can try our program without a financial risk. Less than 3% of our clients make a claim, but as long as you complete the program in full, we will be more than happy to refund you.

Note that no refund will be available if you have skipped program days, except in extraordinary circumstances. Redeemed program memberships are not refundable.

Please click the following link if you would like to learn more about our refund policy and procedure:

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