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Program details

We spend countless hours commuting, engaging in routine tasks, or simply scrolling through our phones. What if we could use just a fraction of this time to change our lives for the better?

We’ve made it our mission to combine the potential of breakthrough technology and evidence-based therapy to help people who struggle with addictions. We use these tools and methods to address the root causes of addiction, reshaping your habits and mindsets towards a healthier, nicotine-free life.

What is the Quit Guru program?

Quit Guru is an audio-based program utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and self-determination theory (SDT) to combat nicotine addiction. Unlike traditional methods that usually focus on immediate cessation, our program helps you gradually lessen your dependence on nicotine by understanding and modifying your addictive behaviors and thinking patterns associated with nicotine use. Our program therapy sessions are designed to be engaging and require minimal time commitment, fitting seamlessly into your routine.

How is the Quit Guru program different?

Most quitting approaches make you quit right off the bat. They don’t help you find your own honest “why” for quitting. They never tell you that willpower alone isn’t enough. Nor do they teach you how to deal with the challenges that lead to relapse and disappointment.

Quit Guru distinguishes itself by fundamentally changing your relationship with nicotine. We designed the program to eliminate not just the physical aspect of nicotine addiction but also your psychological dependence on the substance.

And that’s why our program doesn’t require you to stop using nicotine products right away. You get to quit on your terms and only when you’re truly prepared.

This involves discovering your personal reasons for quitting, gradually losing your mental dependence, gaining essential anxiety and stress management skills, and finally building up the confidence to quit for good.

We also know that simply stopping smoking, vaping, or using nicotine in any other way is not enough. Immediate and effective support right after stopping nicotine use is the difference between a nicotine-free life and yet another failed attempt to quit.

For this reason, we offer the most comprehensive post-quitting support on the market. This involves practical information and tools to help you deal with any challenges new quitters might face during the first few weeks or months after quitting.

How long does the program take?

The Quit Guru program spans 30 days. Following completion, you gain access to our ongoing post-quitting support program, which has no time limit—you can use it for as long as you find it helpful.

What am I committing to if I decide to enroll?

You’re committing to engagement with short, audio-based therapy sessions and self-assessment exercises. These are designed to fit seamlessly into your routine—whether during your morning activities, commute, or evening relaxation—requiring just up to 20 minutes of your day.

Your commitment is to participate in these sessions daily, for 30 days, at whatever time suits you best. Each program day involves exploring different aspects of quitting. These range from the way your brain is affected by addiction to noticing your addictive behaviors and replacing habits that drive addiction with new, healthy ones.

To ensure every program day makes a significant difference, we enriched the program with interactive exercises such as self-reflection prompts and behavioral tracking. Additional program resources include mood and behavior tracking, regular emails with personalized quitting advice, digital tools for setting your quitting goals, automatic journaling of your quitting progress, mindfulness-based practices, and more.

How is the Quit Guru program structured?

The Quit Guru program covers the quitting and post-quitting (staying nicotine-free) phases.

The quitting phase involves taking part in our 30-day program, which is divided into three main parts:

  1. Understanding addiction—here, you'll gain general knowledge about how addiction affects your brain, influencing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This foundational knowledge sets the stage for the practical application of quitting techniques.
  2. Emotional and psychological insights—through questionnaires and reflective exercises, this part helps you dig deeper into your emotions and understand the psychological underpinnings of your addiction. These are short therapy sessions that guide you toward a genuine understanding of your personal nicotine use habits and how to overcome them.
  3. Practical application—in this final segment, you’ll engage with a variety of unique practices and exercises designed specifically for this program. These tools are aimed at equipping you with strategies to handle real-life challenges during your quitting journey.

The post-quitting phase involves:

  1. Continued support—you’ll reinforce your non-smoker’s mindset and prevent relapse with the post-quitting support program.
  2. Emergency support —you’ll have access to immediate help during high-craving and other challenging moments through the app’s Emergency Button.
  3. Managing triggers—you’ll learn advanced strategies to handle social pressures and personal triggers.
  4. Lifestyle adjustments—you’ll adopt healthier habits and adjustments that support a nicotine-free life.
  5. Personal growth—you’ll continue personal growth through self-assessment and setting new wellness goals.
What will I learn in the program?
  • You'll learn a lot about yourself, such as how you got hooked on nicotine in the first place.
  • You’ll understand how your brain works against you to keep you using nicotine.
  • You'll know why you have failed to quit in the past and what you can learn from it.
  • You'll learn to recognize your triggers and gain knowledge on how to deal with them.
  • You'll become aware of your nicotine use rituals and have the chance to break them effectively.
  • You'll master breaking free from negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.
  • You'll overcome your fears and learn to live in the moment, one day at a time, with self-love and compassion.
  • You’ll get rid of the constant stress and anxiety that nicotine brings to your life.
  • You'll soon discover tools that’ll help you handle negative emotions.
  • You’ll become rid of the shame and guilt your addiction brings you.
  • You'll prepare to stay nicotine-free for the rest of your happy life by building great habits and taking full advantage of your reinforced willpower.
What exactly does the program involve?

The program involves your daily participation in pre-recorded audio activities, which in their essence are counselor-guided behavioral therapy sessions. The daily Quit Guru program audio sessions require program participants to:

  • indicate changes in their moods and cravings
  • attentively follow the program’s instructions
  • when asked to, take time to reflect on their situation honestly
What kind of topics are covered by the program?

The Quit Guru program provides pre-recorded online cognitive behavioral therapy sessions on a specific set of quit smoking topics that help you:

  • Understand how you got yourself into the nicotine pitfall
  • Learn why you keep on smoking
  • Deal with your physical nicotine addiction
  • Deal with your psychological dependence on smoking
  • Acknowledge your addictive behaviors
  • Break your unique smoking rituals
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Project your life after quitting
  • Find your own lasting motivations for quitting
  • Remove the fear of “giving up” smoking
  • Avoid failure and future relapses
  • Quit smoking for good
What if I miss a daily program session during the quitting phase?

Taking part in the Quit Guru program is fun, nearly effortless, and only takes up to 20 minutes a day.

While your daily participation is crucial for maximum benefit, we understand that life can sometimes interfere with your daily routine. We designed the program with your convenience in mind, allowing you to catch up at any suitable time.

However, we highly discourage frequent program session skipping as it radically reduces the effectiveness of the gradual learning process built into the program structure.

How do I know the program will work for me?

We’ve built the program to help you understand the root causes of your addiction, equipping you with essential tools and motivation to take the final step. When you are well-prepared, the decision to quit feels exceptionally easy—you know how addiction works and no longer have a psychological attachment to nicotine use. This approach is successful even for those who initially think they're not ready to quit.

On top of that, the success of our approach is reflected in our customer satisfaction: fewer than 3% of the program participants have requested refunds under our flexible "quit or get your money back" guarantee. Our low refund rate speaks volumes about the effectiveness and reliability of our program.

Can Quit Guru help with quitting vaping and other nicotine products?

Absolutely. Quit Guru’s approach works with all forms of nicotine use, whether it involves smoking cigarettes, vaping, or using smokeless tobacco products. The core principles of identifying triggers, managing cravings, and replacing unhealthy habits with positive ones remain effective regardless if you smoke, vape, chew, or snuff products that contain nicotine.

Does the Quit Guru program use nicotine replacements or medications?

No, our program focuses solely on behavioral therapies to combat nicotine addiction. We do not use nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) or prescription medications. Our goal is to equip you with the mental tools and coping strategies necessary to overcome addiction without substituting one dependency for another.

What happens after completing the quitting phase of the Quit Guru program?

If you honestly follow the program’s instructions and make sure to take part in the program sessions daily, quitting becomes a piece of cake by the end of the program. You also carry forward a comprehensive set of skills and insights that will empower you to remain nicotine-free.

On top of that, you get to access and use our post-quitting support program to make sure you stay on track after quitting. This involves follow-up therapy sessions, stress and anxiety management practices, a dedicated emergency button to help you deal with sudden challenging situations, as well as ongoing access to various other practical tools and materials.

What if I am not satisfied with the Quit Guru program?

We stand behind the effectiveness of our program with our unprecedented customer satisfaction guarantee. If you complete the program in full and decide it hasn’t helped you quit, just let our refund team know and we’ll fully refund you. This policy is part of our long-standing commitment to ensure that all Quit Guru program participants feel supported and satisfied with their investment in a nicotine-free life.

Technical Details

The Quit Guru program is accessible on all internet-connected Apple and Android mobile devices that can access and download mobile applications from the App Store or Google Play. Our mobile app is optimized for a seamless user experience across all device types, ensuring you can access your daily sessions and supporting materials anytime and anywhere.

Where can I download the Quit Guru mobile app?

You can find the app download links for the App Store and Google Play by visiting the following link:

Is the Quit Guru program accessible at all times?

Yes, the program is designed for complete accessibility as long as your mobile device has an Internet connection. Once enrolled, you can access the program materials at any time that suits your schedule. This 24/7 availability ensures that you can engage with the program at times that work best for you.

How do you handle your customer data?

Your privacy and data security are paramount. We employ state-of-the-art security measures to protect your personal information. Data collected during your participation in the Quit Guru program is used solely to enhance your experience and improve the effectiveness of the program. Our privacy policy is transparent, aligning with the highest standards of data protection.

For more detailed information on how we handle our customer data, please click this link:

Does using the Quit Guru mobile app require creating a user account?

Yes. To access our program via the mobile app, you'll need to download it to your mobile device and create a new user account with us.

Can Quit Guru mobile app users delete their user accounts?

Yes, all Quit Guru mobile app users can delete their accounts at any time. If you decide to delete your account, please navigate to the Settings screen in the Quit Guru app and select the “Delete my account” option. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Please be aware that account deletion is permanent and irreversible. Deleting your account will remove all your records, including access to both free and purchased content within the Quit Guru app.

If you have any active paid subscriptions made on our website, deleting your account will automatically cancel these subscriptions but make you ineligible for our “quit or get your money back” guarantee as we won’t have any records regarding your participation in the Quit Guru program. Additionally, no refunds will be issued for any remaining time in your subscription period. Subscriptions made on our mobile app don’t get canceled automatically after deleting Quit Guru account – users have to cancel them manually in iOS or Play Store settings.

Payment details

Enrolling in the Quit Guru program is cost-effective and flexible with different payment plans that each cost just a tiny fraction of what you normally spend on nicotine products per day.

Do you offer a free trial?

Currently, Quit Guru does not offer a free trial. However, our “quit or get your money back” guarantee allows you to enroll and complete our program with no risk to your wallet.

Do you charge a subscription fee? If so, why?

Yes, we charge a subscription fee for the Quit Guru program. Quitting nicotine for good doesn't end right after you stop smoking or vaping and our flexible subscription-based payment plans provide you with crucial support to ensure that you not only quit but also stay quit.

This part of our service includes additional tailored sessions, which focus specifically on the period after you quit—a time when you are particularly vulnerable to relapses.

We address this with customized support and resources built to help you navigate common pitfalls such as stress, social pressures, and unexpected triggers. By continuing to provide support during this critical time, we significantly increase your chances of becoming nicotine-free for life.

How does your money-back guarantee work?

Our 30-day money-back guarantee is designed to let you try the Quit Guru program without any financial risk.

If you complete the entire 30-day program and are still smoking, vaping, or using other nicotine products regularly, and decide not to quit, you are eligible for a full refund. We offer this guarantee to ensure that you can feel confident in investing in your health with our program.

Less than 3% of our program participants make a claim, but as long as you complete the program in full, we will be more than happy to refund you.

To qualify for a full refund, you must have completed the 30-day program without missing any scheduled daily program sessions, except in extraordinary circumstances where exceptions may be considered. Note that redeemed gift program memberships are not refundable.

For more detailed information on our refund policy and to understand the procedures for claiming a refund, please visit:

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