Why Quitting Smoking “Cold Turkey” Doesn’t Work

“Cold turkey” is the most popular method to quit smoking. Here’s why it is also one of the least effective ways to get rid of your addiction.
by Justin Sirocco | Monday, April 22, 2024

You’ve probably heard the term “cold turkey” used many times before when someone talks about quitting smoking or another addiction. You may have wondered where this name comes from.

The term “cold turkey” originates from the comparison of a cold turkey carcass, in that a person in extreme withdrawal looks and feels a bit like a cold turkey carcass. They feel cold, clammy, and have goosebumps.

The idea of quitting smoking cold turkey is closely tied to an old misunderstanding that the most effective method for quitting is relying on willpower alone. The truth is, the willpower method just doesn’t work the way we expect it to work.

If you ever tried to quit right off the bat and failed, you surely remember how frustrated, anxious, restless, and irritable you were at the time of your quitting attempt. This struggle dragged on until the craving for just one smoke became so overwhelming you could not bear to resist.

You might have blamed yourself for the failure then, but there are good scientific reasons why you are not as weak-willed as you thought.

Research, conducted over the past 15 years, has shown that there is only a 3% success rate with quitting cold turkey.

This is because nicotine addiction affects the brain’s areas that influence our rational thinking, emotions, and learning.

Without the well-thought-through answers on why we want to quit before we attempt to do it, physical and mental addiction to nicotine quickly undermines our willpower and the ability to make sound decisions.

And so, when we attempt to quit “cold turkey,” staying smoke-free for good becomes too difficult for most.

But before you lose your last hope of quitting smoking for good, know there is a proven way to quit smoking without all the unnecessary suffering.

To succeed, you need to find your own lasting motivations and remove your desire to smoke before actually stopping smoking.

Before you stop smoking, you need to:

  • think through your actual reasons for smoking
  • find your own (not someone else’s) lasting motivations for quitting
  • transform your current relationship with smoking
  • lose the fear of “giving up” something of value

And that’s precisely how the Quit Guru program works.

Quit Guru removes your reasons for smoking one by one until your desire for tobacco vanishes.

With Quit Guru, you don’t have to stop smoking until you discover your actual reasons for smoking and then build up solid motivations for quitting.

And when it’s time for you to quit, it feels like an easy choice to make. There’s no uphill battle against your body and mind because you no longer think you’re losing something valuable.

It’s an approach that works even for those who say they aren’t ready to quit smoking.

Don’t make quitting smoking difficult for yourself. Doing it with the right quit smoking program might just be the help that you need right now.

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